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Kurti Size Guide by Snehal Creation:

kurti size guide

How do I know my kurti size?

The pre requisite is to know your body size. Get it measured from a professional tailor or do-it-yourself. Your job is half done in the search for the perfect Kurti Size, once you have got the right numbers.

Check the size chart on our website and look for your size, and opt for the best match. But remember there is no universal size chart for Kurtis and Tunics. It might vary from store to store or even with the cloth brands. So make sure you pick the right one as per our size chart.

The Shoulder to hip sizes is fixed according to your body nature whereas the slit length and full length vary with the choice of your Kurti style.

Kurti Size Chart:

(Approx Measurements in INCHES , Tollerance 1 Inches)
SIZE S(38) M(40) L(42) XL(44) XXL(46) 3XL(48)
CHEST/BUST 38 40 42 44 46 48
WAIST 34 36 38 40 42 44
HIPS 39 41 43 45 47 49
SHORT TUNIC LENGTH 26-34 26-34 26-34 26-34 26-34 26-34
LONG KURTI LENGTH 38/42 38/42 38/42 38/42 38/42 38/42
SLEVEE LENGTH 17/18 17/18 17/18 17/18 17/18 17/18
Note : Some styles may have a bit different measurements according the style and embroidery.

How to read a Kurti size chart- An example

Having your measurements noted, match up with the charts available online. But sometimes it might seem confusing as there are no universal standards in Kurti size charts. So let us walk through a sample size chart to make you acquainted with it.

Your tailor may not take all these mentioned measures or you may not find all the labels as above in a size chart. But the mandatory bust, waist, hip, and shoulder sizes are the deciding factors of perfectness.

How do I choose an online size for my Kurti?

You have the option to choose among various sizes as per your body measurements. But check this out, we have got a brand standard size chart. There is a 2-inch difference in each measurement, which can be a problem if gone unnoticed.

The point is, taking the standard measurements first is the key before picking your dress. With numerous brands and websites available online each with its own Kurti size and measurement tables, there is no universally fixed Kurti size chart.

Moving on to online market places and online shopping websites, we can see a similar size chart for most of the Kurtis as it maintains a standardized chart for the products. But it is advised to double-check before you make the purchase.

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